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Gordana Stokić Simončić
Univerzitet u Beogradu
Filološki fakultet – Katedra za bibliotekarstvo i informatiku, Beograd

Dragana Sabovljev
Gradska narodna biblioteka „Žarko Zrenjanin“, Zrenjanin

doi: 10.19090/cit.2018.32.12-23
No. 32 (May 2018), p. 12-23

Information Literacy of Professors and Associates at the University of Belgrade


This paper presents the results of the research conducted at the University of Belgrade in 2017, with the aim of determining the level of information literacy of professors and associates, by examining their ability to manage research data. Data on the habits of researchers (professors, associates, PhD students, librarians) were collected in the identical online survey (Data Literacy and Research Data Management Research) in the academic environments of a number of European countries concurrently, in order to allow a comparative overview of the issues.
A total of 692 questionnaires were sent. They were addressed to 367 male and 325 female recipients. The researchers (85 of them), mostly professors and mostly women, replied online to 24 questions: 5 containing “demographic information” and 20 concerning “awareness of data management issues”. The reported results provide only an overview of the expressed attitudes. They could be further interpreted e.g. with regard to the scientifi c fi elds to which the researchers belong, or to their titles, i.e. years of the scientifi c work. However, a relatively small sample of respondents made the surveyors abandon such an analysis on this occasion.
The research results confi rm the initial assumption of surveyors that the researchers at the University of Belgrade need additional training in the fi eld of work with research data. Although informed of the subject, they still have not demonstrated the essential understanding of certain concepts in the fi eld of general availability of publications and open science. In relation to the umbrella institution, the “loneliness” of the researchers and the poor “visibility” of the University, along with the lack of institutional infrastructure (policies, services, resources, repositories, procedures), were implicitly manifested. In the broadest sense, the change in the organizational culture of the University has proved to be a necessity.


University of Belgrade, professors, associates, researchers, librarians, habits, information literacy, survey, Data Literacy and Research Data Management Research, infrastructure

Submitted: 25th March 2018
Accepted for publication: 15th April 2018

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Information Literacy of Professors and Associates at the University of Belgrade by Gordana Stokić Simončić, Dragana Sabovljev is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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