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Ћирилица Latinica English

Mirjana Markov
Institut za uporedno pravo – Biblioteka, Beograd

doi: 10.19090/cit.2023.42.38-44
No. 42 (May 2023), p. 38-44

Acquisition of library materials in the Library
of the Institute of Comparative Law


The paper provides an overview of the beginning, development and current state of the Library of the Institute of Comparative Law. Starting in the 1950s, when the Institute was established, until today, there have been significant changes in the organizational aspects of the Institute, and perhaps even more so in its library. In the earlier period the Institute as a scientific institution was much more dependent on books and journals. Today the situation is completely different because scientific workers rely more on electronic publications. However, that does not mean that the library is less needed. Nowadays, although various databases, as well as online books, journals and professional periodicals, usually make up the greater part of the scientific fund in use, undeniably both books and journals still play an important role in writing scientific papers. All the more so because the Institute for Comparative Law covers not only the legal systems of different countries but different historical chapters, too. That makes the library a necessary party for the work of researchers. The Institute has a rich publishing activity which consists of publishing monographs, collections of papers, journals and other publications. In the main library room, which offers new technologies for the work of users and librarians, there is also a legate with scientific books.


Institute of Comparative Law, library, monographs, scientific journals, library fund, exchange of journals, publishing activity

Submitted: 2nd March 2023
Correction to the manuscript: 20th March 2023
Accepted for publication: 25th March 2023

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