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Gordana Đilas
Biblioteka Matice srpske, Novi Sad

doi: 10.19090/cit.2024.44.16-28
No. 44 (May 2024), p. 16-28

Two Centuries of the Letopis Matice srpske Magazine (1824–2024)


The Letopis Matice srpske is the oldest living Serbian periodical, and in 2024 will celebrate 200 years of continuous press run. It was founded by the professor from Novi Sad Georgije Magarašević (1793–1830). After the first few volumes, the publishing of the Letopis was taken over by Matica srpska. The paper offers an overview of the fundamental programmatic orientations of the Letopis during the times of numerous chief editors. The most notable among them were Georgije Magarašević, Todor Pavlović, Jovan Subotić, Jovan Đorđević, Tihomir Ostojić, Marko Maletin, and Mladen Leskovac. Its founder, Georgije Magarašević, had a broad vision of a magazine that was supposed to cover the whole Slavic, particularly Serbian, people. As time passed, the magazine has been changing its conception due to societal, political and ideological reasons. Nevertheless, it always aimed to be the Serbian magazine for literary science. The aim was partially fulfilled only after the Second World War and completed after the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Its longevity obliges both to nurturing tradition and to additional research on the impact it has in present times.


Letopis Matice srpske, programatic orientation, editors, editing

Submitted: 3rd April 2024
Correction to the manuscript: 19th April 2024
Accepted for publication: 21st April 2024

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