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Milica Matijević
Biblioteka „Dimitrije Tucović“, Lazarevac

doi: 10.19090/cit.2024.44.67-77
No. 44 (May 2024), p. 67-77

Jubilees as a Guide:
75 Years of the Library “Dimitrije Tucović” in Lazarevac


The official history states that the library in Lazarevac was founded in 1949. Until today, the library “Dimitrije Tucovic” has grown into a modern library that is recognized by its community and beyond its borders. Through its growth over time, the library went through different stages. It switched between the mobile library, the development of units and the expansion of the network of branches. Since 2011, the library has been placed in a specially adapted building in the city centre. Today, it has four active branches with a fund of over 150 000 books and a large budget for acquiring books and different program activities.
The event “Children’s Humour Festival” has been held by the library for 35 years. In the last decade of its work, the library “Dimitrije Tucovic” is turning more and more to the needs of the community, launching numerous new services, networking and financing more projects.


Lazarevac, Library “Dimitrije Tucovic”, history, growth, funds, mobile library, Children’s Humour Festival, programs, projects

Submitted: 29th March 2024
Correction to the manuscript: 12th April 2024
Accepted for publication: 14th April 2024

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