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The guidelines below provide the essential information you need to prepare and submit your scientific and professional articles in a form that will enable us to most efficiently process your submission. Please read these guidelines carefully and familiarize yourself with the style and editorial policy of our journal by examining its online version. It is important to check that your contribution fits well into the thematic and formal structure of the journal before you submit it. You are also advised to indicate the column of the journal your article is intended for (see The Journal Structure). If you have any queries, please contact us.

Contributions should not exceed 12.000 characters (with spaces), written in Cyrillic (excluding the necessary terms and abbreviations, as well as papers of authors whose mother tongue is not Serbian), equipped with footnotes, bibliography, title, key words and summary. Contributions to the Theme column are not limited in length, and in consultation with the Editor in Chief, it is possible to publish a text that has more than 12.000 characters in other columns, too. English translation of the title, abstract and key words should be submitted along with the contribution. If author considers it necessary, the title, abstract and key words may be submitted in another language besides English. These elements are required in all columns except Link and Show-window.

Abstract, of up to 150 words, should emphasize the importance of the topic, the initial hypothesis, research goal, methodology applied and results obtained. It is in the interest of the author that his summary contains terms frequently used for indexing and search of articles. Summary is given after the header (title, names of the authors, etc.), and before the key words. The article must have summaries in Serbian and English, but can be also provided with a summary in another foreign language. It is necessary that abstract in English (and other foreign language) is given in extended form - as a summary. Length of the summary can be up to 1/10 of the length of the article. Summary is given at the end of the article, after the Bibliography section.

Keywords are terms or phrases that most concisely describe the content of the article for the purposes of indexing and searching. Number of keywords may not exceed 10. Key words should be given in Serbian and the languages in which the summaries are provided. They should be placed immediately after the summaries, i.e. abstracts.

The author's name: Specifies the full names and surnames of (all) authors and their e-mail addresses.

Name of the author’s institution (affiliation) : Full and official name and address of the institution in which the author is employed, as well as the name of the institution where the work was carried out, are required for each author. For complex organizations full hierarchy of names should be specified, top down (for example, the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy - Department of Sociology, Belgrade). At least one of organizations within the hierarchy must be a legal entity. If there is more authors, some of them coming from the same institution, it must be specified, by special marks or otherwise, from which of the above institution each of the authors comes. Affiliation should be written immediately after the name of the author. The function and the title of the author is not to be mentioned.

Notes (footnotes) are placed at the bottom of the text commented. They may contain minor details, additional explanations, notes on sources used (e.g. scientific publications, manuals, etc.), but can not be a substitute for the cited references.

Previous versions of the paper: If the paper (under the same or similar title) was prior presented at a conference in the form of verbal statement, information about it should be listed in a separate note, usually at the bottom of the first page of the article. The work that has already been published in a magazine may not be reprinted in Čitalište.

Reviews (reviews, surveys) for the Show-window column are not limited in length only when it comes to the scientific reviews. All the other reviews of monographic publications should not exceed 6000 characters (1000 words). Expert - specialist in a particular area, in addition to the basic summary of the publication, may give his own evaluation of the work, point out to its advantages and disadvantages, estimate the contribution of publication regarding to the existing literature, underscore the importance of the work for the development of a certain area.

List of references (literature): Cited literature includes bibliographic resources (articles, monographic publications, etc.) and is given separately at the end of the article, as a list of references. References are listed alphabetically and should not be translated into the language of the article.

For composing a reference list use Chicago Style (Humanities). Detailed information on this style with examples are provided in the articles Chicago Style of bibliographic citations and Chicago style of bibliographic citation (2) by Dragana Sabovljev, published in the Reflection column of № 13 (November 2008) and № 15 (November 2009) of Pančevačko čitalište, as well as on the journal site or at the addresses and

All papers and other contributions should be submitted in digital form, via e-mail address of the journal (personal e-mail addresses of the editors and the members of the Editorial Staff, to which you can also send contributions, can be found in the Impressum). The Editorial Staff will confirm the receipt of the text as soon as possible.

It is desirable that the text provide illustrations and photos, sent in separate files, as attachments. They need to be in format and resolution suitable for printing (jpg format and resolution no less than 300 dpi for 10 cm of width is recommended). If necessary, provide tables, charts and similar graphics, as separate attachments.

Authors are responsible for the copyright of the submitted articles. Copyright on articles and other contributions is considered to be transferred to the publisher from the date on which the articles are sent to the Editorial Staff of the journal. Copyright also covers publishing the contributions in electronic form, as well as using abstracts and excerpts from papers submitted.

The Editorial Staff will inform the author whether his text is accepted within a term no longer than six months from the date of its receipt. The negative response releases the author of any obligation towards the journal. The author whose work is accepted for publishing may not publish it in any other electronic or printed publication (even in excerpts or revised), without approval of the Editor in Chief of Čitalište. Generally, the author can publish his contribution three months after it was being published in Čitalište, with the obligation to specify where it is reprinted from.

Sent papers will not be returned. The Editorial Staff retains the discretion to evaluate and not publish the papers, if determined to be inadequate in content and formal criteria set forth in this text.

Editorial Staff is committed to open access to information and publication of texts of various types, in which authors express their ideas freely. It does not carry out censorship, ideological or any other, but distances itself from the views of its associates. It is considered that the authors have obligation to defend their own positions, while the duty of the Editorial Staff is to provide expert evaluation, as well as sporadic linguistic, stylistic and formal interventions in the texts.

Editorial Staff of Čitalište