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Ћирилица Latinica English

Tanja Graovac
Gradska narodna biblioteka „Žarko Zrenjanin“, Zrenjanin

doi: 10.19090/cit.2020.36.13-23
No. 36 (May 2020), p. 13-23

I Am Telling You a History: Storytelling Workshops Project -
Cooperation between Museum and Library in Zrenjanin


The paper presents a project implemented by the Museum and the Public Library in Zrenjanin, in order to overcome the problem of insufficient interest of young people in the homeland cultural heritage. The problem of insufficient openness of cultural institutions in communication with new generations was also noticed, which the participants in the project tried to solve by using storytelling learning techniques and by including various interactive, workshop elements. Using modern technologies, the workshops leaders tried to make the local heritage more understandable and attractive to the youth, as well as to encourage the children of primary school age to independently interpret the contents offered by the Library and the Museum. The work presents theoretical considerations on storytelling techniques and cooperation among heritage institutions, in order to give an answer as to why the model of work used in the workshops was chosen. Significant results of the project I Am Telling You a History were highlighted, which, in the author’s opinion, consist in encouraging children to come to the Library and the Museum more often and more relaxed, in developing their interest in local history, and inspiring them to further explore local cultural heritage. Besides, better cooperation between these two cultural institutions has been established. The results after the two cycles of storytelling workshops in the museum can be seen through the data on how much has been done for the local community itself. Based on the great interest of schools to participate in the workshops and the reaction of participants, it can be concluded that the project was successful. An important conclusion is that successfully implemented projects that treat cultural heritage must be part of an enduring, well-designed and concrete national strategy. Individual projects can be very good, and achieve extremely good results, but if there is no continuity of quality, there are no lasting effects for the benefit of the local community. The aim of the text is to make it easier for interested professionals to work on the implementation of similar projects, given that we have not had them so far, at least according to the information available to the author.


project I Am Telling You a History, City Public Library "Žarko Zrenjanin", National Museum of Zrenjanin, heritage institutions, storytelling, homeland heritage, workshops, education of children, modern approaches to local heritage

Submitted: 4th April 2020
Correction to the manuscript: 28th April 2020
Accepted for publication: 10th May 2020

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