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Anđela Stošić
Univerzitet u Beogradu
Filološki fakultet – Katedra za bibliotekarstvo i informatiku, Beograd

Ana Đorđević
Univerzitet u Beogradu
Hemijski fakultet – Biblioteka, Beograd

doi: 10.19090/cit.2020.37.3-11
No. 37 (November 2020), p. 3-11

Educational Structure of Employees in Serbian Academic Libraries


The paper analyzes the structure of employees in libraries attached to higher education institutions of the Republic of Serbia. Data on the level and profile of employee education for 2018 and 2013 were obtained from the Library Network of Serbia database. They show that in university libraries, highly educated employees make up 63% of the total number of employees. In the rest of the libraries that belong to the higher education institutions, which are mostly libraries with one employee, there are more of them (77%). Based on the data for 2018, considering the higher education institution in which they work, and the faculty they graduated from, the librarians of the libraries that belong to the higher education institutions are classified into three groups: the first group consists of LIS graduates (7.23%), the second group includes librarians working in libraries of higher education units whose funds refer to scientific fields that they themselves studied (40%), while the third group includes librarians who are neither LIS graduates nor educated in the field for which the library is intended (53%). University libraries submit data on the educational profile of their employees irregularly, which has made the research of the professional structure of librarians in these institutions impossible.


academic libraries, educational structure of employees, librarians, education, LIS departments, Republic of Serbia

Submitted: 5th October 2020
Correction to the manuscript: 15th October 2020
Accepted for publication: 20th October 2020

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