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Ivana Petković
Narodna biblioteka „Stevan Sremac“, Niš

doi: 10.19090/cit.2024.44.29-42
No. 44 (May 2024), p. 29-42

The Public Library “Stevan Sremac“ Niš
145 Years of Continuance


In 2024, the “Stevan Sremac“ Public Library of Niš will celebrate its one hundred and forty-five years of existence. In the history of the library, as if in a glass, the modern history of Niš was mirrored. It developed and changed together with the city and the broader socio-historical context. A historical review, from the beginnings of public activity in 1879 to the present day, points to periods, more or less successful, and personalities who shaped it. Despite the turbulent historical events, it persistently and methodically renewed and enriched its funds and developed library activities. From the beginning, a modest reading room with a bookcase, a table and a few chairs and a library, which according to the report of the foreman Stevan Sremac, professor of the Gymnasium, had 45 donated books and 22 domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines in 1880 and had 107 members during 145 years, has grown into a cultural institution, a center of knowledge and information in this part of Serbia. Today, the Public Library “Stevan Sremac“ Niš is organized according to international library principles and has over 220,000 monographic publications, 2,166 titles of newspapers and magazines from all scientific fields, about 3,500 units of non-book materials, and 30,000 registered members. It performs the registry function for the libraries of the Nišava District, has a rich native collection, a collection of non-book materials, old and rare books, a cabinet of graphics, and a mobile library. It organizes exhibitions, lectures from various fields, seminars, and literary promotions, improves cooperation with institutions and individuals in Niš, and cooperates with libraries in Serbia and the surrounding area. She developed a publishing business. Following modern technologies, it automated all library operations, and digitized part of its library material, and thus the Public Library “Stevan Sremac“ Niš became part of the networked, global world and shared memory.


Public Library “Stevan Sremac“ Niš, 145 years of work, јubilee, history, organization

Submitted: 5th March 2024
Correction to the manuscript: 19th March 2024
Accepted for publication: 23rd March 2024

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