ISSN 2217-5563

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Borisav Knežević
Uprava za javne nabavke, Beograd

Culture and Economy in Practice:
Public Procurement in Culture with Special Reference to the Library Activites

This paper considers the characteristics of public procurement carried out in the field of culture with specific reference to the public procurement in library activities, that are a sub-category of cultural activities. The public procurement itself is an extremely important area, but the public procurement procedures related to purchasing books and publications for libraries in compliance with the Law on Public Procurement have certain specificities that need particular attention. This segment is covered by the statistics of public procurement relating to public institutions, among which are also institutions that deal with the library and other cultural activities. The public procurement in library activities is characterized by procurement of goods (books), and usually a relatively small value of procurement, mostly below the limit for the procurement of high value, as well as the frequent use of the negotiation procedure without announcement of the public call. When it comes to the services in the field of culture (including library activities), the public procurement rules from the Annex 1B of the Law on Public Procurement are being applied, meaning that the rules for the public procurement of small value are applied regardless of the actual value. Also, the issue of public procurement of services for libraries related to research activity (studies, expertise, standards) specified in the Annex 1A of the Law on Public Procurement requires additional explanations and more precise regulation than it is provided by existing legislation.

public procurement, financing, culture, library activities, ЕU, transparency, public expenditures, cultural institutions, indirect budgetary users

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