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Dragomir Lončar
Biblioteka šabačka, Šabac

Periodicals in the Library of Šabac

The paper gives a brief historical overview of the acquisition policy of periodicals in the Library of Šabac during the last decades. Its intention is to point out the problems related to the procurement, processing, placement, use, recording and cataloging of magazines and newspapers, with the emphasis on the customer service. According to the number and variety of periodicals the Library of Šabac ranks first among libraries in central Serbia. Its procurement policy when it comes to periodicals has various forms. In its fund, it possesses about 307.284 volumes, as follows: 64.573 volumes of magazines and 242.711 volumes of newspapers. Foreign magazines count 169 titles, 788 volumes and 5.892 issues (151 titles with 5.050 issues in Russian; 14 titles with 401 issues in French; 2 titles with 427 issues in German; 2 titles with 14 issues in Czech). The magazines and newspapers published during the period from 1847 to 1941, that were received by the Social Library of Šabac, and later the Public Library and Reading Room of Šabac, followed the orientation of political parties, with obvious oppositional overtones. During its lifetime (1928-1941) the Public Library and Reading Room of Šabac was receiving all the Serbian and the most important foreign magazines and journals. The number of titles of newspapers and magazines purchased by subscription, exchange, legal deposit copy and gifts in the postwar period, has been established on the basis of the control cards and the card catalogue of periodical publications. The priority in the procurement of periodicals is given to scientific and professional journals, in relation to daily and weekly newspapers. The most numerous are the magazines in literature, law, history and social sciences, and then, in natural and applied sciences. This is due to the fact that the library is place for all categories of users whose educational, social and age structure differs significantly. The aim of the library is to preserve the rich collection of periodicals, that will be the basis for fundamental cultural and scientific-research studies, for the history and for the present and future generations.

periodicals, acquisitions policy, financing, cultural identity, knowledge, databases, information, users, scientific work, Library of Šabac

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