ISSN 2217-5563

Novi broj

Dejan Molnar
Univerzitet u Beogradu
Ekonomski fakultet, Beograd

Culture as Impetus of Development of Creative Cities and Regions

The subject of this paper is consideration of role and importance of culture and creative industries in the process of local and regional economic development. The paper argues that the aforementioned activities, apart from being the segment of the overall economic structure, and as such, representing the (direct) source of gross domestic product, also have a strong indirect influence on the development of business activities in local communities, affecting positively the quality of the business environment. Special emphasis is given to the contribution of culture to the development of rural areas (the concept of “creative village”). New activities in the field of culture and creative industries, based on private initiative, entrepreneurship and talents of groups and individuals, should be “complement” and “magnet” for more profitable business to locate out of “congested” and expensive urban centers. To achieve this, the rural areas have to get, first of all, a well-deserved role in the national development strategy in terms of working and life conditions (the contents of culture, recreation, further education, vacation, etc). The question is also whether the culture and creative industries can be used only in developed countries, or in less developed and underdeveloped countries as well? Economic development based on the products that come from cultural activities will continue to be promoted in developed countries where this approach has been created (USA, EU). However, there are many opportunities that lie ahead of the less developed and underdeveloped countries in the field of engagement of culture and cultural resources in the process of economic growth, primarily through exploiting possibilities of traditional sector and rich cultural heritage. The convergence between economics and culture is our reality, which opens up new possibilities for creators of development policies at both local and regional level, in their efforts to increase the level of income and employment, and improve living standards and living and working conditions.

creative cities and regions, creative industries, culture, endogenous development, creative villages, city branding, cultural tourism, revival of abandoned spaces, cultural resources

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