ISSN 2217-5563

Novi broj

Mirjana Rikalo
Visoka poslovna škola strukovnih studija, Novi Sad

Dragoljub Novaković
Univerzitet u Novom Sadu
Fakultet tehničkih nauka
Grafičko inženjerstvo i dizajn, Novi Sad

Marija Lazarević
Visoka poslovna škola strukovnih studija, Novi Sad

Colour as an Element in the Promotion of Graphic Products
that Create a Brand on the Basis of the Vinča Culture

The uniqueness of the Vinča culture lies in the fact that it represents one of the most developed Neolithic cultures, and the first European cities were founded on the basis of this culture. Great inventions, such as technology of metal casting and advanced technology in pottery manufacture, testify that the Vinča culture was far more advanced in comparison with its Neolithic surroundings. The Vinča culture was ahead of its time for what is practically a millennium! Out of many extraordinary facts, one surfaces and that is the existence of notches in ceramic artifacts which have still remained undeciphered. All of the above represents a huge archaeological treasure and an enormous potential for the development of cultural tourism in Serbia. Therefore, a reconstruction and branding of the Vinča archaeological site represent tasks which demand urgent solutions. The case study shows logotypes of possible tourist itineraries and the Vinča archaeological site, together with the Vinčica font which could mark the whole brand.
For the purposes of successful branding of the Vinča culture, this paper presents research with the goal of examining the most striking and most neutral colours associated with the objects of the Vinča culture. The colours that were studied were those with the ability to attract the attention of the visitors of museums and archaeological localities, and book or catalogue readers, but that are also related to the Vinča period. On the other hand, the research tended to find neutral colours that could be used for the background of printed materials, the colours that would not be in the foreground and burden an eye, but that would still belong to the set of the Vinča colours. Making a colour palette for the purpose of branding may represent a powerful feature in differentiating from the competition and therefore contribute to empowering the brand.

branding, colors in branding, the Vinča culture, Neolithic culture, the archaeological site Vinča, marketing, printed promotional material, the Vinčica font, color preferences by gender, color preferences by age

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