ISSN 2217-5563

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Slađana Galuška
OŠ „Milorad Mića Marković“, Mala Ivanča

Anđelka Tančić Radosavljević
OŠ „Ratko Mitrović“, Novi Beograd

Gordana Ljubanović
Nacionalna biblioteka Crne Gore, Cetinje, Crna Gora

Sharpening of Little Quill Pen:
Research on Media and Information Literacy in Primary Schools

Sharp Little Quill Pen is a project of the Association of School Librarians of Serbia on improving media and information literacy in primary and secondary schools. The main target group is pupils, but teachers and librarians are also involved. This project commenced four years ago. In the meantime, initiatives were introduced into the curriculum that allow teachers to incorporate some MIL elements into various subjects and develop intercurricular competences. Therefore, the authors decided to conduct a research in order to check if the Little Quill Pen project needed modifications or changes. The authors’ notion is that the information literacy dimension is generally less represented and practiced than the media literacy one. Thus it was neccessary to determine the current level and characteristics of IL among the target population and to decide which IL elements to add to the future project activities. The aim of this research is not to put forward a completely new hypothesis, but to support practical experiences with empirical data and to enable informed decision making. It was done in order to gain reliable information on which to base findings that can be used in negotiating and organizing joint and cooperative activities of school librarians and teachers on a daily basis. Answers from two different, specially designed surveys of information seeking and usage practices and media usage behaviour, one for pupils and the other for teachers and librarians, were processed and analysed. Their results were presented to the relevant educatonal and school authorities to be taken into account when planning the future activities of the Sharp Little Quill Pen. The data were analysed and judged from the point of vertical and horizontal connectivity of different subjects. The outcome was twofold: а) improvement and fine tuning of the content and the activities of the project in order to offer more attractive and useful MIL education and to increase the number of participating schools; b) communicating findings of the survey and conclusions and sugestions based upon them to the school librarians’ and teachers’ communities, as well as to the school and educational authorities, in order to improve embedding the MIL elements into the curriculum and the subjects, and to increase their horizontal and vertical connectivity during the eight-years educational cycle.

information literacy, media literacy, primary education, school librarian, Serbia, Sharp Little Quill Pen, Primary School ”Milorad Mića Marković”, students, teachers

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