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Slađana Galuška
OŠ „Milorad Mića Marković“, Mala Ivanča

School Librarian and Promotion of the School

In Serbia, school marketing and promotional activities are defined by regulations of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The school marketing plan can be considered as a part of the school development plan. Promotional and marketing activities related to the school library as well as promotion of the entire work of the school are part of professional activities of a school librarian. Also, some of the international library documents such as IFLA/UNESCO School Library Guidelines and IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto underline active participation of school librarians in marketing activities of their schools. The school librarian of the Primary School Milorad Mića Marković promotes the school and its library through different projects and interdisciplinary learning activities that she organizes in collaboration with teachers, editing the school magizine and the website, and cooperation with the local community. There is a cooperative relationship between the school and the public library in realizing literacy and reading programmes and school lessons. As a member of the marketing team, the school librarian takes part in planning, organizing and evaluating elements of the marketing process and contributes to the image of the school and improvement of its work.

school, marketing, school librarian, Primary School ”Milorad Mića Marković”, school magazine, school website, marketing plan, development plan

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