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ČITALIŠTE: the scientific journal on theory and practice of librarianship, is dedicated to development and fostering scientific researches in the areas such as library history, cultural, communicational and educational functions of librarianship, sociology of the book and reading, information literacy, knowledge organization, bibliography, library management, management of library information systems, as well as information and media technologies in the context of development of libraries.

By publishing competent, peer-reviewed papers in aforementioned areas, ČITALIŠTE makes efforts to contribute to strengthening of librarianship as a science in Serbia, to promote the dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, and to promote libraries and librarians as carriers of the social development.   [More...]

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THEME in 36th issue:  Librarians to Children and Youth

Dragosavac, Branka; Ćorović, Ljubica: Small Soirees or the Infancy of Storytelling: A Program for Children of the Public Library in Belgrade between the Two World Wars
Graovac, Tanja: I Am Telling You a History: Storytelling Workshops Project - Cooperation between Museum and Library in Zrenjanin
Trailović, Goran: Reading Club for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
Petrić, Danijela: Models and Possibilities of Continuing Professional Development of Librarians for Children and Youth and Their Influence on Practice
Pötsönen, Ulla: Children of Library Land – the Past, Present and Future of Finnish Library Services for Children and Young People
Akhter, Razina: Message to Children in Documents and Literature on Children’s Libraries and Librarians