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№37  (November 2020)
Theme: Librarians to Children and Youth
Stošić, Anđela; Đorđević, Ana: Educational Structure of Employees in Serbian Academic Libraries
Abadić, Vesna; Gordić, Marija: Megajournal - a New Standard of Scientific Journals in Science 2.0?
Arsenijević, Danijela: Influence of Academic Social Networks on the Visibility of Scientific Research Papers
Andonovski, Jelena; Dakić, Nataša; Trtovac, Aleksandra: Searchable Digitized Manuscript Collections: An Opportunity to Read Serbian Cyrillic
Edition 37

№36  (May 2020)
Theme: Librarians to Children and Youth
Dragosavac, Branka; Ćorović, Ljubica: Small Soirees or the Infancy of Storytelling: A Program for Children of the Public Library in Belgrade between the Two World Wars
Graovac, Tanja: I Am Telling You a History: Storytelling Workshops Project - Cooperation between Museum and Library in Zrenjanin
Trailović, Goran: Reading Club for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
Petrić, Danijela: Models and Possibilities of Continuing Professional Development of Librarians for Children and Youth and Their Influence on Practice
Pötsönen, Ulla: Children of Library Land – the Past, Present and Future of Finnish Library Services for Children and Young People
Akhter, Razina: Message to Children in Documents and Literature on Children’s Libraries and Librarians
Edition 36

№35  (November 2019)
Theme: Are there librarians in libraries?
Stošić, Anđela; Đorđević, Ana: Educational Structure of Employees in Serbian Public Libraries
Selihar, Karla; Vučković, Željko: Librarianship in the Jaws of Life: From Education to Employment
Madacki, Saša: The Scent of Rain: The Personnel Policy of Transitional Librarianship
in the Hilly Balkans
Edition 35

№34  (May 2019)
Theme: Professional Titles in LIS
Stojanović, Ivan: Professional Titles in Library and Information Activity in the Republic of Serbia
Vojnović, Žarko: About Unprofessional Advancement and Professional Decline
Jovin, Jelena: Creating and Conducting a Workshop for Librarians
Popović, Aleksandra; Stolić, Dragana; Kavaja Stanišić, Dejana: Contribution of University Library ”Svetozar Marković” to Continuing Professional Development of Employees in Librarianship
Edition 34

№33  (November 2018)
Theme: Agenda 2030 and Libraries
Mikić, Hristina: Culture and Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
Vuksan, Vesna: Promenade 2030
Wyber, Stephen: A New Opportunity: The UN 2030 Agenda and Library Advocacy
Edition 33

№32  (May 2018)
Theme: Information Literacy
Špiranec, Sonja: Critical Information Literacy in the Academic Context
Stokić Simončić, Gordana; Sabovljev, Dragana: Information Literacy of Professors and Associates at the University of Belgrade
Trailović, Goran; Stokić Simončić, Gordana; Sabovljev, Dragana: Information Literacy in the Light of Statistics: The State of Affairs in Serbia
Kurbanoğlu, Serap: European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL)
Edition 31

№31  (November 2017)
Theme: Libraries and Literature
Sabovljev, Dragana; Arsenić, Vladimir: Literary Field and Public Libraries in Serbia
Matijević, Milica; Đorđević, Violeta: Libraries and Librarians in Artistic and Popular Literature
Blagojević, Berislav; Pavlović, Marija: Library as a Workshop and Inspiration
Gordić Petković, Vladislava: A Library in the Room of One’s Own: Women Authors, Female Characters and Books from Virginia Woоlf Until Today
Edition 31

№30  (May 2017)
Theme: Open Access to Information - Problems and Practice
Hermans, Emilie: Academic Libraries Meet Research Data Management: A Case Study of the University of Ghent’s Central Library’s Practices
Ševkušić, Milica: Defining the Editorial Policies of Open Access Journals in Serbia and the Role of Librarians in This Process
Stolić, Dragana: Experience of the University Library Svetozar Marković in Establishing the Digital Repository of the University in Belgrade – PHAIDRA
Vučkovac, Obrad: Connecting Libraries with Geographic Information Systems
Edition 30

№29  (November 2016)
Sabovljev, Dragana: Library Legislation and the Position of Employees in Public Libraries in Serbia
Milenković-Vuković, Biljana; Ševkušić, Milica: Libraries of Research Institutes and Organizations: Legislative Framework and Practice
Dragosavac, Branka: Legal Acts Regulating Work of Children’s Libraries and Children’s Departments in Public Libraries
Grujić, Rade: Issues of Public Procurement of Books in Libraries
Edition 29

№28  (May 2016)
Theme: International and Comparative Librarianship
Đurašinović, Biljana M.: International and Comparative Librarianship - Definitions, Representatives, Development and Characteristics of the Concepts
Vuksan, Vesna; Ninković, Milica: International Information Relations: Digital Divide and Initiatives for Its Bridging
Nikolić, Sandra; Đorđević, Milica: International and Regional Associations in Library and Information Science Profession
Edition 28

№27  (November 2015)
Theme: Libraries and Publishers
Vojnović, Žarko: Professionalisation of Relationship Between Publishers and Authors on the Example of The Jovanović Brothers Bookstore
Gordić Petković, Vladislava: The Importance of Literary Canon: Parameters and Evaluation
Trailović, Goran; Sabovljev, Dragana: Libraries and Publishers: The Omega Point
Edition 27

№26  (May 2015)
Theme: School Librarian
Banek Zorica, Mihaela: Evaluation in the Field of School Librarianship
Stokić Simončić, Gordana; Vučković, Željko: Professional Education and Advanced Training of School Librarians in Serbia
Grujić, Dragana: Methodical Practice in School Library
Galuška, Slađana: School Librarian and Promotion of the School
Galuška, Slađana; Tančić Radosavljević, Anđelka; Ljubanović, Gordana: Sharpening of Little Quill Pen: Research on Media and Information Literacy in Primary Schools
Edition 26

№25  (November 2014)
Theme: Library Associations
Đurašinović, Biljana: Yugoslav Library Association − Its Activities and Achievements
Vuksan, Vesna: Serbian Library Association Launches into Changes
Dowling, Michael: The American Library Association: Now and in the Future
Nastić, Olivera: Section of Museum Librarians of Serbian Museum Association
Ignjatović, Roksanda: Serbian Association of School Librarians
Edition 25

№24  (May 2014)
Theme: Information Literacy
Tibor Koltay: Big data, big literacies?
Helena Markulin, Lea Škorić, Jelka Petrak: Information Literacy in the Academic Curriculum: Experiences of the School    of Medicine of the University of Zagreb
Jane Secker, Maria Bell: Developing Digital and Information Literacies in LSE Undergraduate Students
Senada Dizdar, Lejla Hajdarpašić: The Development of Information Literacy at the University of Sarajevo
Gordana Stokić Simončić, A Brief Review of the Published Resources on Information Literacy in Serbia
Edition 24

№23  (November 2013)
Theme: Public Relations in Libraries
Stokić Simončić, Gordana; Vuksan, Vesna: Public Relations Practice in Public Libraries of Serbia
Marinković, Marjan: Public Relations in Public Libraries: Model of Work of the Belgrade City Library
Starčević, Mirjana; Janičić, Radmila: Public Relations of the Institute Cervantes in Belgrade
Serbanuta, Claudia; Pho, Annie: Public Relations Powered by Cycling Librarians
Edition 23

№22  (May 2013)
Theme: Cultural Heritage Institutions, Institutions of Public Memory, Heritology, Mnemosophia…
Šola, Tomislav: Institutions of Public Memory and Their Nature
Krivošejev, Vladimir: Higher Education for Professionals for Work in Heritage Institutions, with Special
   Reference to Museums
Miklošević, Željka; Vujić, Žarka: Many-to-Many Socio-Cultural Communication as a Basis for Joint Activities
   in the Virtual Environment of the MLA Sector
Mandić, Slobodan: Intersectoral Collaboration of Cultural Heritage Institutions – Unused Potential
   of the Web
Ilieva Nikolovska, Anita: Documentation of Museum Collections – Contemporary Approaches
Trailović, Goran: Cooperation of Libraries, Archives and Museums
Edition 22

№21  (November 2012)
Theme: Culture and Economy
Mikić, Hristina: Culture and Economy: Market in the Culture and Its Contemporary Developmental Trends
Rikalović, Gojko: Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Measuring the Effects of Technological Progress
   on Development of Librarianship
Vučković, Željko: Public Libraries as the Development Factor of Creative Economy and Cultural Tourism
Molnar, Dejan: Culture as Impetus of Development of Creative Cities and Regions
Devetaković, Stevan: Territorial Capital and Development Potentials of a Territory
Blagojević, Predrag: The Legal Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility: Potentials and Limitations
   for the Development of Culture
Knežević, Borisav: Culture and Economy in Practice: Public Procurement in Culture with Special Reference
   to the Library Activites
Edition 21

№20  (May 2012)
Theme: The Book, Culture and Education in the Digital Age
Jarić, Isidora: Digitalization, Cultural Change and New Social Contract(s)
Gordić Petković, Vladislava: Screen Culture and the New Media Literacy: The Strategies of Linear
   and Iconic Reading
Vučković, Željko; Stokić Simončić, Gordana: Paradoxes of Knowledge in Digital World
Mikić, Hristina: From Culture to Creative Economy: Trends in Financing of Culture and Position
   of Library Activities
Radić-Bojanić, Biljana; Topalov, Jagoda: Electronic Sources COBISS and KoBSON in Function of University    Education: Students' Attitudes and Habits
Edition 20

№19  (November 2011)
Theme: The Purpose of Reading in the Internet Age
Božić, Jadranka: (Post)Culture of Reading: Time of Challenge
Vučković, Željko; Stokić Simončić, Gordana: Reading, Clicking and Thinking in the Digital Age
Biljetina, Jelena: Reading: Examples of Good Practice in Great Britain
Živanović, Biljana: Poetry and Library Users of the Digital Age
Trailović, Goran: The Book and Reading Promotion Program "One Book, One City"
Radović, Miloje: Reading Is the Journey into Knowledge
Begenišić, Dobrila: The Book and Reading Promotion in Germany
Edition 19

№18  (May 2011)
Theme: Historical Research in Librarianship
Deletić, Zdravko: Historical Researches in the Librarianship
Mladenova, Marija: What is History of Libraries Teaching Us?
Aparac-Jelušić, Tatjana: Challenges of the Digital Age in Shaping of the Academic Education Programs
Tomić, Marijana: Old and Rare Materials in the Digital Age: Is Bibliographic Description Enough for Book Historians?
Mutavdžić, Predrag: The First Printed Translations of the Bible in Romanian, Albanian and Aromanian Language
Edition 18